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It’s one thing for us as educators to explain why the Holmstead School could be a great fit for your student, but it is quite another to have actual students, specifically alumni, tell you why. Click through on some of these videos to hear what they say about us, what they got from their experience and what they are doing today…

Everyone understood on every level that everyone was an individual…Not everyone was the same.

-Paul Thomas

Without Holmstead I would have never graduated school…I would have never done anything with my life.

-Phil Levine

Homestead…has taught me how to move forward.

-Jenn Meola

When I started Holmstead, I fit in immediately.

-Paul Viorneau

Without Holmstead I wouldn’t have had a high school diploma.

-Jenn Ace

[At Holmstead] there’s a staff that actually cares.

-Jeff Slifer

When I got to Holmstead I found a home--a family of people who really just cared about me.

-Lydia Greco

A really caring…a really great atmosphere.

-Jason Izen

When you have a small classroom like at Holmstead, you can really bond with the teacher.

-Alex Lay

I was the first student ever to get kicked out of Holmstead…and then let back in.

-Carolyn Cordo

I knew almost everyone. I was friendly with them and they were friendly to me back.

-Brian Egan

I really got a safe place.

-Sydney Rose
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