Student taking notes during class

When district case managers are met with a student with a complex and/or unique set of learning, emotional, social, and/or psychological issues, we are usually the right solution.

Typically, students with IEP’s classified with Emotional Regulation Impairment (ERI), Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), or Other Health Impairment (OHI), that have historically found it difficult to ‘’fit in’’ and/or ‘’connect’’ with others in a traditional/public school environment will find support, acceptance, connection, and ultimately success at Holmstead School.

Each student is classified as a result of a diagnostic profile prepared by the sending district Child Study Team. The referral information used for purposes of application to Holmstead includes a social history, a psychological report, a learning evaluation, and a psychiatric report with a medical summary. Although usually initiated through the sending district, referrals may be made by parental request.

The local Board of Education remains responsible for the student in his placement at Holmstead School. The sending district pays for tuition and transportation. Child Study Teams participate in program planning through the implementation and ongoing process of the Individual Education Plan.

Diplomas and transcripts are issued by the sending district and certificates of completion are issued by Holmstead School.

Our customized approach combines the academic, therapeutic, recreational, and psychological components in the right combination and frequency for each of our students, with the goal of possibly being mainstreamed back to public school, as appropriate.

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