Currently serving students from grades 8-12, typically with a history of learning, psychological, social, and/or emotional issues that prevent them from realizing their academic potential. Our customized curricula integrate academic, therapeutic, recreational, and psychological components in the right combination and frequency for each student’s individual needs, with the goal of possibly being mainstreamed back to public school, as appropriate.

50+ Year
Students with complex/unique profiles do well here

For Parents

Our environment allows these often highly complex students to feel supported, accepted, and socially connected—in a way that is often new to them. That’s why they thrive in our program. Graduating seniors go on to trade, community, and private/public college experiences.

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For Districts

As an Approved Private School for Students with Disabilities (APSSD), we work closely with our sending districts. When district case managers are met with a student with a complex and/or unique set of learning, emotional, social, and/or psychological issues, we are usually the right solution.

Admission Process

Latest News & Events

Leap Day Celebration at Holmstead School

In recognition of, and to provide educational context for leap day, Holmstead School is having a special luncheon as well as fun and educational activities. Activities included crafts, Kahoot!, painting rocks, making Origami jumping frogs, etc.

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