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Announcing Our New Middle School Program

After many years of requests, Holmstead School is very pleased to announce the opening of our middle school program.

District Child Study Teams have expressed concerns about the limited options for academically capable 6th and 7th graders who are struggling with social, emotional, and academic difficulties, especially after a year or more of virtual and/or hybrid education.

Our program consists of self-contained 6th and 7th grade classes with departmentalization available for 8th graders. Students take State-approved classes that are aligned to the NJ and National Learning Standards, including Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Related Arts, and Physical Education.

Our Related Arts program includes classes in Art, Music, Computer Coding, Robotics, and more. In addition, students receive Study Skills Instruction with an emphasis on improving reading comprehension across the curriculum.

Therapeutic services include individual counseling, 1x/week or more as needed along with group counseling with an emphasis on improving social skills, communication skills, and coping mechanisms.

We look forward to discussing your middle school students with you.

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