Parent Connections

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Parents are encouraged to participate in panel discussions and presentations by guest lecturers at the evening meetings scheduled throughout the school year.

Parents will receive a recorded message announcing delayed openings and closings due to weather. Weather closing information, early dismissals and other updated information can also be found here, on Twitter (@holmstead), and on Facebook (holmsteadnj).

Monthly Support Group – Meetings are at 7:0 PM on the 3rd Thursday of each month via Zoom. Parents are notified if the meeting is canceled. Dates for 2020/21 school year:
– 9/17/2020
– 10/15/2020
– 11/19/2020
– 12/17/2021
– 1/21/2021
– 2/11/2021
– 3/18/2021
– 4/15/2021
– 5/20/2021

Parent Support Group Updated (5/5/21) Parent Support Group PDF

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Panel Discussions

Teen Arts Night