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Since 1974, ASAH has served private special education schools
and agencies in New Jersey, ensuring the highest standards
of service excellence for students and youth with disabilities.

With a focus on the needs of students, ASAH works to foster
partnerships between its members, local school districts
and local communities.


In January of 1980, The Holmstead School became a full member
of the New Jersey Association of Schools and Agencies for
the Handicapped. This organization works to ensure quality
education for all classified students and promotes communication
with the New Jersey Department of Education among the directors
of private schools in the state.

The Holmstead School maintains membership in the National
Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children

For more information on the NAPSEC please visit their website
located at

Alliance of Private Special Education School of North Jersey

Formed in 2011, the Alliance of Private Special Education School of North Jersey is an alliance of more than 30 state-approved private special education schools in Northern and Central New Jersey dedicated to helping parents and educators better understand and access appropriate program options in special education. The goal is to empower educators and advocates for students with special needs through education, information, support and advocacy.

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